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MALTC Helping Providers Avoid Burnout: Part One


Symptoms of Burnout


No one has ever said being a long-term Physician or NPP (Non-Physician Provider) was easy. There are several stressors in the world of healthcare and as a provider, you should know the signs that mean you need a break. Here are five symptoms to watch out for that could mean you are leading to burnout:

Emotional and physical exhaustion

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Are you feeling tired or drained most or all of the time? It’s one thing to not get enough sleep or be a little worn out. It is another thing when you are physically drained from being on your feet seeing patients and staying up late charting. While being a provider is physically exhausting at times, it can also mean that your mental health also takes a toll. Emotional exhaustion can be tiredness that does not respond to adequate rest. It can also be disguised as detachment or loss of meaning in your work.

Isolating from others

Do you spend your time outside of work not wanting to be around others? Finding yourself isolated or withdrawing from your personal responsibilities is a huge warning sign that you will want to identify promptly.

Physical changes

Do you find yourself getting sick more often than you used to? Do you have frequent headaches and/or muscle aches? Many providers experiencing burnout find themselves have lowered immunity, frequent body aches, and even a change in appetite or sleep habits. An increased cynical or negative outlook can also be aexhausted provider change that you can look out for.


Procrastinating on tasks whether work or personal related is a warning sign. If you are procrastinating, you may also be struggling with finding motivation, going in late, leaving early, or even skipping work entirely.

Decreased Satisfaction

Some providers experience also feel a decreased satisfaction or sense of accomplishment with their work. These feelings can also be contributed to feeling helpless, trapped, and defeated.


If you have any of these symptoms, you may be close or experiencing Physician/NPP burnout. It is important to stay in tune with yourself and know when you need to take a break. Stay tuned for part two of our three part series: Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care Helping Providers Avoid Burnout.


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