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MALTC Helping Providers Avoid Burnout: Part Two

Tips to Help & Prevent Burnout

As we learned in Part 1 of this series, MALTC Helping Providers Avoid Burnout: Part One, there are many ways providers experience burnout. There are also ways toExercise Female Provider Preventing Burn Out avoid or prevent burnout. Here are seven examples of what you can do to stay healthy and take a break when you need it:


It may seem obvious, but a brisk walk or 20-30 minutes of your favorite workout at least three days per week can release stress and can act as a good outlet to any pent-up emotions. Yoga, specifically, has incredible proven benefits including releasing stress and anxiety.

Quality Time with Friends & Family

Another simple example, but quality time with your favorite people can work wonders. Getting your mind off of work and catching up with those you love can be the much needed escape you need to clear your mind. quality time provider support

Finding Support

Help can come in many ways. For some, help can come in the form of a support group or having a mentor. Being able to talk to individuals outside of your normal work environment can be beneficial. Talking with a therapist can also provide support and guidance. One benefit of being a provider with Mid Atlantic Long Term Care is the amount of support that is offered. The administration and nursing staff are always available for assistance as well as other providers who may have previously been in a similar situation and can offer an alternative perspective. At MALTC, we believe in working as a team.

Reading Something Non-Medical

Another stress relief can be reading something not related to work such as a novel, magazine, newspaper, etc. Invest your mind in something that has an uplifting topic or your favorite genre.

Scheduling Adjustments

Sometimes, all it takes to avoid or deal with burnout, is a change in schedule. Make sure you are keeping up a healthy work-life balance. Set limits on how late you stay or how early you go in. Find ways to make your life easier. At Mid Atlantic Long Term Care, we have medical scribes that are available to assists providers with charting. We also have PRN providers who are help with providing coverage for providers while they are on vacation or need time off for appointments or other personal reasons.  Our  On-Call  System is  also  very  beneficial  to  our  providers because it allows time after hours and on weekends to  focus on  their  family,  friends,  hobbies, etc.,  rather  than  having  to  be on  call  24/7.  Hobbies Providers


Last, but not least, do what you love! Many of our providers have hobbies that they can put their focus into in their off time. Stay tuned for part three of this series to learn about our providers and their hobbies.


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