Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we want to take this opportunity to recognize our MALTC behavioral health providers who continue to dedicate their career to improving the quality life of their patients. As many of us all know, mental health is something that COVID-19 has brought to our attention, now more than ever. In the healthcare industry, both providers and patients can find themselves stressed and tired. We urge providers, patients, caregivers, and all those who fall in a category in between, to practice self-care and take time to recharge. The following resources from EverNorth can be useful for you or someone you know.



About Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care:

We are a provider-owned health care company meeting the complex care needs of the geriatric population throughout the areas we serve. MALTC provides our Community Partners with medical leadership, and we place a Care Team that is clinically competent to foster a mutually beneficial long term relationship in the communities we serve. Long term care is all we do! We apply the best medical knowledge with compassion and respect resulting in improved lives and health outcomes. We set a legacy of excellence for geriatric providers and have been doing so since 1998. Mid Atlantic Long Term Care is committed to providing quality care through our dedication, experience in geriatric medicine and a passion to serve our patients, their families, and our Community Partners.