National Nurses Week 2022

As we close out National Nurses Week, we want to thank all nurses throughout the country for the hard work and compassionate service they provide every day to their patients. Here are some fun facts about the nursing field in the United States according to an article from the University of St Augustine for Health Science in 2021.

  • There are almost 4.2 million RNs and 950,000 LPNs/LVNs in the United States.
  • Over 325,000 nurse practitioners (NPs) are licensed in the United States.
  • There are 4x as many nurses in the United States as there are physicians.
  • Nursing careers make up the largest portion of America’s healthcare professions.
  • Between 93% and 98% of all nurses are happy they chose a career in nursing.

We are so thankful for all our MALTC nurses do to provide quality care to our patients.

MALTC Triage Nurses & On-Call Nurses

Melody Casey, Office Triage LPN
Trisha Cook, Office Triage LPN
Nellie Millerschone, Office Triage LPN
Sarah Scarano, Office Triage LPN
Sara Whealton, Office Triage LPN
Jackie Brown, On Call Triage LPN
Sharnee Harper, On Call Triage LPN
Vashunda Jones, On Call Triage RN
Jimmell Peele, On Call Triage RN
Jessica Phillips, On Call Triage LPN
Gada Saunders, On Call Triage LPN

Alice “Rebecca” Callis, FNP-BC
Kristel Alexander, NP-C
Tracy Arauza, NP-C
Alicia Barba, FNP-C
Danielle Cutler, NP-C
Nathan Davenport, ANP-C
Shirley Dodson-McAdoo, ANP-C
Allison Emerson, FNP-BC
Hayley Fletcher, FNP-BC
Tracy Forrester, FNP-BC
Sharon Goretsky, NP-C
Holly Green, FNP-BC
Donna Greenfield, FNP-BC
LaTara Harris, NP-C
Temeka Hathaway, FNP-BC
Michelle Hayes, AGPCNP-BC
Richard Hughes, FNP-BC
Carolyn Ingram, NP-C
Angelette Jackson, NP-C
Laura Kitchens, FNP-C
Sarah Kosinski, GNP-BC
Johnnie Lawrimore, FNP-BC
Sasha Lee, NP-C
Mary Mallory, AGPCNP-BC
Julie McLean, ANP
Stephanie Mills, FNP-C
Heather Mitchell, NP-C
Michelle Mobley, NP
Gilda Niknezhad, FNP-BC
Juanita Norwood, NP-C
Sean Regan, FNP
Ashley Riffe, FNP-BC
Iena Rodriguez, FNP-BC
Meg Sassorossi, NP-C
Jaskiran Sonia Singh, NP
Tammy Speerhas, FNP-C
Courtney Taylor, NP-C
Carrie Thomas, AGPCNP-BC
Holly Whiting, FNP
Theresa Wright, FNP
Ameanthea Blanco-Knezovich, DNP
Freda Curtis, FNP-BC
Jane Grant, FNP-BC
Naomi Myrick, PMHNP-BC
Lee Phillips, PMHNP-BC
John Rowe, FNP-C
Kavitha Tatineni, DNP
Jason Rowe, FNP-C
Leigh “Rhonda” Johnson, NP-C
Jaime Dail, FNP-C



Thank you for all you do!