National Senior Health and Fitness Day 2022

National Senior Health and Fitness Day is a nationwide event celebrated on the last Wednesday of May each year. This day is celebrated and held for older adults to encourage healthy activity even into our elder years. More than 100,000 older adults participate throughout the country at multiple different locations such as retirement communities, nursing centers, park districts, hospitals, and more. There are multiple ways to get active, including with participating organizations or making your own fun to celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day!


Some ways to celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day include:


Going for a Walk

Even a walk around the block can help boost your mood, get your blood flow pumping, and so many other great benefits – see our blog for more information.


Participating in a group exercise class

Look into your nearest gym or Y. There are lots of types wellness classes that you may find yourself interested in!


Go to a near park

Getting some fresh air and enjoying your local park is always a good idea!


Work in the garden

It’s hard not to enjoy a good garden day. New flowers, fresh mulch, mother nature – what’s not to love!


Schedule a health screening

Get ahead and get some peace of mind. Keeping up with your health screenings is an obvious benefit.


Do your research!

There are many locations such as recreation centers, gyms, and retirement communities that host fun activities in special celebration of this very day! Look into some locations near you to get involved!


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