Donna Sotolongo, PsyD

Specialty Psych Providers


Donna Sotolongo is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been working in a variety of work settings in New York, New Jersey and Virginia for almost 30 years.
Donna earned her Bachelors Degree from Princeton University, completed 2 Masters degree programs in Child Psychology and School Psychology and earned a Doctorate of Psychology from Rutgers University.
She has additional training in Family Therapy and has worked with children, teens, adults, couples and senior citizens . Prior to moving to Virginia in 2017, Donna worked for
S-COPE, Statewide, Community Outreach Program for the Elderly , providing emergency assessment, consultation, treatment and training to nursing facilities in Northern New Jersey.
Donna has worked with a number of nursing facilities here in Virginia working as part of a Behavioral Health team that addresses the psychiatric needs of the elderly, patients in rehabilitation following serious illness and surgery and those suffering from Dementia. Donna consults with Medical staff, Physical Therapy and Nursing staff to share insights and recommendations that may improve the quality of care and life for both short term and long term care residents.
Donna uses a “Client Centered” when working with her clients and tries to implement interventions and therapeutic approaches that are specific to each patient and address both their medical and emotional needs in order to help them be more actively involved in their decision making and self care.