Ravi Gill, MD

Primary Care Provider

Eastern Shore , Southside

My name is Ravinderpal (Ravi) Gill, MD. I am an Internal Medicine physician. I finished my medical school in 2006 and finished Internal Medicine residency in 2011. I did pulmonary research for 6 months in Winthrop University NY. I am finishing my Doctorate in Health Administrator 2021. I did my Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science while I was studying to be a Registered Nurse (1992-1995). I worked as a Registered Nurse for 5 years in ICU, CCU and general medical ward.
I was born in Northern India, and moved to USA in 1990’s. At age 6, I had an accident while playing at home. There was no doctor nearby in the village. My dad took me to his friend, who was an Army physician. He put 5 stiches on the injured area. At the end, army physician asked me,” what you want to be when you grow up.” My answer was,” to save people like you.” My ultimate dream was to become a doctor that never left me, so I went to medical school. I have been practicing as a physician since 2012
I love/enjoy being a physician so I can help others as much as I can, and I love spending time with my family too. I love reading, watching shows and movies. Me and my husband love to travel, fishing, hunting and love to go on long drives. I love spending time with my two dogs (BOLT & SIMBA).