Specialty Services

Specialty Services Offered

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Primary Care for Long Term and Post-Acute Care

Our Care Team providers deliver primary care services that center around our patients’ individualized needs. The primary care provider visits their communities frequently and consistently to build trust with their patients and monitor their health closely. The primary care provider assists our Community Partners with care planning, helps to prevent avoidable hospital admissions, and delivers the best quality of compassionate care to their patients.

Behavioral Psych Services

Our experienced team of psychiatry specialists’ focus is to enhance the quality of life of their patients. They are dedicated to improving the standard of behavioral health medication management using a practical approach to drug reduction and early detection of changes in behavior. Our behavioral health program includes psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and physician associates who work closely with our Community Partners to understand and assess the treatment plan pertaining to each patient.

Pain Management

Our growing Pain Management department can benefit individuals with chronic pain. There are multiple common ailments that are seen in the geriatric population for example fibromyalgia, tension headaches, arthritis, and myofascial pain syndrome to name a few. Remedies that our Pain Management team offers include therapeutic joint and nerve injections, trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablations, spinal cord stimulation, and help with medication management.

Infectious Disease

Our specialty-trained providers deliver infectious disease expertise by developing treatment plans that are all inclusive of the patient’s overall health. Our providers also will consult and guide patient treatment along with help to provide preventative measures. Our providers follow up consistently with their patients to check on progress to ensure that the treatment is taking the correct course of action. The Infectious Disease Care Team is available to our primary care providers to consult on complex cases.

Wound Care, Ostomy and Foot Care

The MALTC Wound Care, Ostomy, and Foot Care team focuses on assessments, intervention, and patient education which are all very important for managing issues faced by so many patients especially in the long-term care setting. Like the entire MALTC team, our providers in this specialty believe it is crucial to follow their patient’s progress closely to ensure the best results.

Palliative Care Coordination

OMALTC partners with Eastern Virginia Medical School to ensure our providers are exceptionally trained and prepared to provide empathetic, gentle quality care in the form of Palliative Care Consults with patients, family members, and Community Partners. Our Palliative Care team offers compassionate 1:1 consultation to safeguard the very best treatment for end-of-life care.

House Calls Program

We understand that is not always possible to get to an office visit for homebound patients. That is why select MALTC providers will offer House Calls to patients that require primary care services in the comfort of their own home. The primary goal of our House Call program is to provide exceptional service where every patient, family member and caregiver is always treated with respect and dignity.

Medical Directorship

Several of our post-acute and long- term care Community Partners choose to utilize our certified and experienced physicians as their Medical Director.

A Medical Director oversees the medical care within the post-acute & long-term care community by reviewing aspects of provider and nursing care. They also assist in identifying and addressing health care issues related to quality measures and quality of life for the residents.

Physicians at MALTC are experienced Medical Directors who truly care about the wellbeing of the patients and the quality of care they are receiving. Our Physicians take the time to focus on concerns and educate the Community Partners on how to prevent, prepare, and solve these issues.

To familiarize Community Partners and patients with our Physicians, we will host meet and greets where staff, patients, and family members can meet our Providers and ask questions.

Our Physicians will provide staff education for our Community Partners based on what topics are requested or needed. Physicians attend Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) meetings that are held by our Community Partners.

Our Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

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I have enjoyed being part of a talented team of health care professionals who believe in putting their patients first. It is so important in these days of budget restraints, challenging health care crises and a constant demand for highly trained and experienced professionals, to find a company that truly focuses on making sure that their patients get the best care they need and that their professionals get the support they need to fucus on their patients.

Donna Sotolongo, PsyD.

I enjoy working with so many providers & support staff that are completely invested and compassionate in who we are and what we do, it’s phenomenal! To me, making a difference, achieving goals, and growing as a team is what puts Mid Atlantic Long Term care above the rest!

Chris Kroetsch, Practice Administrator

After working for 10 years with another long-term care company I have really enjoyed the increased flexibility and autonomy in working with Mid Atlantic Long Term Care. The business staff are more helpful and responsive than any other organization I’ve worked for. General collegial relationships with other providers and nursing staff in the facilities; we all cooperate with each other to manage patient care as best as possible.

Lee Phillips, PMHNP-BC