National Physician Assistants Week 2022

October 6th, 2022 – October 12th, 2022


Throughout the week of October 6th – October 12th, we celebrate Physician Assistant Week and specifically those PAs that are a part of Mid Atlantic Long Term Care. At MALTC, our PAs work closely with our physicians and NPs along with the staff in each community we serve. Physician Assistants are represented in Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care’s Primary Care (Includes Post-Acute and Long Term Care), Psych Services, Palliative Care, and Pain management.

A special shoutout to all of our PA’s as we celebrate this year’s Physician Assistant Week. You all are essential and contribute a great deal, not only to MALTC, but to the world of healthcare. We thank you for all you do:


Primary Care

Barbara Albert, PA-C

Andrea DeGiorgi, PA-C

Carrie Dudek, PA-C

Mark Fusco, PA-C

Jana Galyo, PA-C

Stephanie Grimaldi, PA-C

Rochelle Hamilton, PA-C

Cindee Hawkins, PA-C

Ashlee Hughes, PA-C

Brittney Jansen, PA-C

Natalie Taylor, PA-C

Tiniki White, PA-C




Shannon Morris, PA-C

Heather Richardson, PA-C

Angela Whiteside, PA-C


Robin Wallace, PA-C



Michelle Adams, PA-C


review from one of our communities regarding an MALTC PA:

“Our MALTC PA has been a great addition to the team. She is very thorough, and her bedside manner is great. Her compassion definitely shines thru! The bonus is she doesn’t seem to mind explaining/educating families or staff when needed.”

Ebony, Director of Nursing


A word from a Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care Physician Assistant:

“Working for MALTC has allowed me to pursue my passion in geriatrics with a supportive administration and great group of colleagues. I love what I do and the team I work with!”

Cindee Hawkins, PA

To inquire to be an MALTC PA, please visit our careers page.


About Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care:

We are a provider-owned health care company meeting the complex care needs of the geriatric population throughout the areas we serve. MALTC provides our Community Partners with medical leadership, and we place a Care Team that is clinically competent to foster a mutually beneficial long term relationship in the communities we serve. Long term care is all we do! We apply the best medical knowledge with compassion and respect resulting in improved lives and health outcomes. We set a legacy of excellence for geriatric providers and have been doing so since 1998. Mid Atlantic Long Term Care is committed to providing quality care through our dedication, experience in geriatric medicine and a passion to serve our patients, their families, and our Community Partners.