National Nurse Practitioner Week 2022

Nurse Practitioner Week 2022

Throughout the week of November 13th through November 19th, we celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week, and we want to take this opportunity to spotlight the NP’s that make up a large part of Mid Atlantic Long Term Care! At MALTC, our NPs work closely with our physicians and PAs along with the staff in each community we serve. Nurse Practitioners are represented in Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care’s Primary Care, Psych Services, Wound Care, Palliative Care and On-Call. A special shoutout to our NP’s as we celebrate this year’s Nurse Practitioner Week.


You all are so important and crucial, not only to MALTC, but to the world of healthcare. We thank you for all you do:


Primary Care:

Kristel Alexander, NP-C

Kiki Anthis, NP-C

Tracy Arauza, NP-C

Valencia Belle, FNP-BC

Darya Belyayeva, FNP-BC

Sierra Berg, FNP

Rebecca Callis, FNP-BC

Danielle Cutler, NP-C

Nathan Davenport, ANP-C

Shirley Dodson-McAdoo, ANP-C

Allison Emerson, FNP-BC

Hayley Fletcher, FNP-BC

Tracy Forrester, FNP-BC

Eva Francis, AGPCNP-BC

Sharon Goretsky, NP-C

Holly Green, FNP-BC

Donna Greenfield, FNP-BC

LaTara Harris, NP-C

Temeka Hathaway, FNP-BC

Michelle Hayes, AGPCNP-BC

Christina Holloway, FNP-BC

Richard Hughes, FNP-BC

Carolyn Ingram, NP-C

Whitney Irvine, FNP-C

Laura Kitchens, FNP-C

Johnnie Lawrimore, FNP-BC

Sasha Lee, NP-C

Mary Mallory, AGPCNP-BC

Winter McFarland, FNP-C

Julie McLean, ANP

Stephanie Mills, ANP

Heather Mitchell, NP-C

Michelle Mobley, NP

Gilda Niknezhad, FNP-BC

Juanita Norwood, NP-C

Sean Regan, FNP

Ashley Riffe, FNP-BC

Iena Rodriguez, FNP-BC

Jason Rowe, FNP-C

Christine Russell, NP-C

Meg Sassorossi, NP-C

Christy Sorey, FNP-C

Carrie Thomas, AGPCNP-BC

Holly Whiting, FNP

Theresa Wright, FNP



Ameanthea Blanco-Knezovich, DNP

Freda Curtis, FNP-BC

Jane Grant, FNP-BC

Naomi Myrick, PMHNP-BC

Lee Phillips, PMHNP-BC

John Rowe, FNP-C

Kavitha Tatineni, DNP


Wound Care:

Leigh “Rhonda” Johnson, NP-C

Jaime Dail, FNP-C

Anne White, FNP-C



Sarah Kosinski, GNP-BC

Tracy Arauza, NP-C


review from one of our communities regarding an MALTC NP:

“MALTC’s NP is a great asset to the care team. She is willing to listen to staff and take our thoughts into consideration.”

-Trish, Director of Nursing


A word from a Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care Nurse Practitioner:

“I have been with MALTC for a year and a half. Our group provides coverage to such a large area however; any time I reach out for assistance from a colleague, I receive a timely and friendly response. I have been able to work with some of the most amazing residents as well as facility staff whose focus is doing what is best for the residents. I am biased, but our office staff is excellent at ensuring our practice runs smoothly and I couldn’t practice without them. I am very blessed to have a job that allows me the time and flexibility to care for my aging parents as well.

-Rhonda Johnson, FNP-C, CWOM, CFCN


About Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care:

We are a provider-owned health care company meeting the complex care needs of the geriatric population throughout the areas we serve. MALTC provides our Community Partners with medical leadership, and we place a Care Team that is clinically competent to foster a mutually beneficial long term relationship in the communities we serve. Long term care is all we do! We apply the best medical knowledge with compassion and respect resulting in improved lives and health outcomes. We set a legacy of excellence for geriatric providers and have been doing so since 1998. Mid Atlantic Long Term Care is committed to providing quality care through our dedication, experience in geriatric medicine and a passion to serve our patients, their families, and our Community Partners.