World Immunization Week 2022

Throughout the week of April 24th-April 30th, 2022, we celebrate World Immunization Week. This week is dedicated to spreading awareness on the importance of vaccines in creating a healthier world.

A Long Life for All is not a promise, it’s an ambition.
Because everyone deserves a chance at a fulfilling life.​
One where we’re free to pursue happiness. ​

And look back without wondering “What if?”. ​

Vaccines have been indiscriminately saving lives since 1796.
The first Smallpox immunization was a fight back against disease.
For the first time, it gave everyone a chance.
And hundreds of vaccines later,​
Across two and a quarter centuries.
Billions of people have lived longer lives.​
Grown up to become firefighters. Doctors. Musicians. ​
Fathers. Mothers. Brothers. Sisters.​
Vaccines might not get credit for that first kiss.
That winning goal.​
That special day.​
That final hug.
But their worth isn’t just measured in doses given. ​
It’s in minutes given back.​

And lives prolonged.​

Vaccines provide opportunity and hope for all of us to enjoy ​a more fulfilling life. ​
And that’s something we should all be fighting for.​
Vaccines, in the pursuit of a long life well lived.​
Check out the WHO website to learn more about immunizations and their importance.