National Caregivers Day 2022

Today is National Caregivers Day.

On this day we recognize the incredible dedication that goes into being a caregiver. A caregiver is someone who helps with activities of daily living and provides companionship for an individual whether it’s their loved one, patient, or client. Caregivers have a personal touch which allows them to create bonds with those in their care and allows them to be trusted and relied upon.

Here are a few main things an individual may rely on their caregiver for:

Personal Care:

Caregivers assist a person with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, toileting, etc. These are extremely intimate and vulnerable tasks in which the individual receiving care must trust and feel safe with their caregiver.

Household Tasks:

These may include preparing and eating meals, doing laundry or household chores, grocery shopping, or even paying bills.

Medical Care Advocate:

Caregivers can play an important role in communicating honestly and openly with doctors and the patient regarding the patient’s preferences, new developments or changes in health/behavior, treatment options especially when the patient is unable or not willing to speak for themselves. The Caregiver may also be responsible for helping with medications, doctor’s appointments, and other medical needs under their appropriate scope.

Emotional Support/Companion:

A caregiver can act as a support or crutch for the person in their care. The individual may rely on their caregiver for things mentioned above but sharing feelings and being a support for each other is just as important as the physical assistance.


Caregivers have big jobs, and not just today, but every day we want to show our respect and applaud for those in this profession. Many patients under MALTC care, rely on caregivers, and we appreciate all who give quality and compassionate care to their patients.