Trick or Treating at Senior Living Communities

National Trick or Treat Day is one of our favorites! This year, if you plan on taking little ones trick or treating, consider visiting your local nursing home or assisted living community. Here are some reasons why!


It’s a safe space. There is no traffic and lots of supervision by loving adults.

Residents Enjoyment

Residents love to interact with children and see their costumes. For many, it reminds them of going trick or treating with their children or even their parents when they were young. Many residents also love to dress up, so they can bond over their costumes!


It’s always warm! Your child can go all out in their costume without having to bundle up due to the cold.

Staff Enjoyment

Employees of the communities love to see the children dressed up!

Socialization with Seniors

It exposes your child to the senior community which teaches them respect and familiarizes them to the older population which could lead to a future career in geriatrics!


Be sure to check in with the communities near you to see if they are offering a public, COVID-19 friendly Trick or Treat event, and get ready to have a blast!