National Nurse Practitioner Week 2021

Nurse Practitioner Week 2021

Throughout the week of November 7th-November 13th, we celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week, and we want to take this opportunity to spotlight the NP’s that make up a large part of Mid Atlantic Long Term Care! At MALTC, our NPs work closely with our physicians and PAs along with the staff in each community we serve. Nurse Practitioners are represented in Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care’s Primary Care, Psych Services, Infectious Disease, Wound Care, and On-Call. A special shoutout to our NP’s as we celebrate this year’s Nurse Practitioner Week. You all are so important and crucial, not only to MALTC, but to the world of healthcare. We thank you for all you do:

Primary Care:

Kristel Alexander, NP-C

Tracy Arauza, NP-C

Caprice Carter, NP-C

Juli Cody, FNP-BC

Amesha Custis, NP-C

Danielle Cutler, NP-C

Melanie Daniel, FNP-BC

Nathan Davenport, ANP-C

Shirley Dodson-McAdoo, ANP-C

Allison Emerson, FNP-BC

Hayley Fletcher, FNP-BC

Tracy Forrester, FNP-BC

Arica Gogol, FNP-C

Sharon Goretsky, NP-C

LaTosha Hall, NP-C

LaTara Harris, NP-C

Temeka Hathaway, FNP-BC

Carolyn Ingram, NP-C

Angelette Jackson, NP-C

Kimberly Jimenez, FNP-BC

Laura Kitchens, FNP-C

Sarah Kosinski, GNP-BC

Johnnie Lawrimore, FNP-BC

Sasha Lee, NP-C

Mary Mallory, AGPCNP-BC

Julie McLean, ANP

Stephanie Mills, ANP

Heather Mitchell, NP-C

Michelle Mobley, NP

Gilda Niknezhad, FNP-BC

Juanita Norwood, NP-C

Sean Regan, FNP

Ashley Riffe, FNP-BC

Iena Rodriguez, FNP-BC

Meg Sassorossi, NP-C

Jaskiran Sonia Singh, NP

Tammy Speerhas, FNP-C

Christa Steffensmeier, FNP-C

Courtney Taylor, NP-C

Carrie Thomas, AGPCNP-BC

Holly Whiting, FNP

Theresa Wright, FNP



Ameanthea Blanco-Knezovich, DNP

Freda Curtis, FNP-BC

Jane Grant, FNP-BC

Naomi Myrick, PMHNP-BC

Lee Phillips, PMHNP-BC

John Rowe, FNP-C

Kavitha Tatineni, DNP


Infectious Disease:

Jason Rowe, FNP-C


Wound Care:

Leigh “Rhonda” Johnson, NP-C

Jaime Dail, FNP-C



Sarah Kosinski, GNP-BC

Tracy Arauza, NP-C


review from one of our communities regarding an MALTC NP:

“Our Nurse Practitioner is always available and willing to take that extra step and time to help us.”

-Cynthia, Resident Care Coordinator


A word from a Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care Nurse Practitioner:

I will say that working with MALTC has been the smoothest transition in my career. Every effort is made to meet the needs of the providers which makes a much better day. My biggest regret is not onboarding sooner!”

-Caprice Carter, NP-C


To inquire to be an MALTC NP, please visit our careers page.