National Physicians Week

Throughout the week of March 25th – March 31st, we celebrate National Physician Week, and we want to take this opportunity to spotlight the MD’s and DO’s that make up a large part of Mid Atlantic Long Term Care! At MALTC, our physicians work closely with our NPs and PAs along with the staff in each community we serve. Physicians are represented in Mid-Atlantic Long Term Care’s Primary Care, Psych Services, Infectious Disease, and Palliative Care. A special shoutout to our MD’s as we celebrate this year’s Physician Week. Each one of you is so important, not only to MALTC, but to the world of healthcare. We thank you for all you do:

Primary Care:

Mustafa Alaska, MD

Charles Erdman, MD

Ravi Gill, MD

Ilene Goldman, MD

Amir Hajimomenian, CMD , MD

Sami Haq, MD

Richard Hatch, MD

William Hovland, MD

Marilyn Kellam, MD

Leena Khanna, MD

Sid Khanna, MD

Trisha Pascall-Lopez, DO

Priyanka Patel, MD

Ohad Sheffy, MD

Kathleen Stornelli, MD

Nabil Tadros, MD

Robert Walters, CMD, MD

Raina Winfrey, MD



Huma Hyder, MD


Infectious Disease:

Rahel Amare, MD

Donice Libby, DO

James Radike, MD

Rodrigo Romulo, MD


Thank you for all you do!